Press Release

Press Release

Portalvision takes part in CMS 3.0 Official Launch cum IT Expo



HONG KONG - 28 August 2009   The HKMA CMS 3.0 Official Launch cum IT Expo was held on 28 August 2009 at Eaton Hotel Hong Kong. The CMS 3.0, jointly implemented by the Hong Kong Medical Association (HKMA) and the Information and software Industry Association (ISIA), is the first open-source clinic management software in Hong Kong.


Mr. Carl Yau, Director of Portalvision, who is also the Director of ISIA, officiated the Launching Ceremony with the representatives of Food and Health Bureau, Hospital Authority, and Hong Kong Medical Association, and shared the joy of the birth of this new software with the audience. The event had invited an overwhelming number of responses. Due to the restriction of venue, around a hundred doctors could attend in the end and choose their apposite packages from the recommend IT vendors. Portalvision, as one of the recommend IT vendors, has set up a demonstration booth to showcase the new-developed CMS 3.0 and answer enquiries from the audience.


The HKMA CMS 3.0 is designed to be a multi-function platform. In addition to its powerful clinic management functions, it can be upgraded to link up with other medical information systems in Hong Kong in the future. Since the software use standardized data format, future integration will be much easier. The HKMA CMS can run on Windows, Mac or Linux machines. Both the standard version and the HKMA CMS Wuhan version were released in the launching ceremony.


Furthermore, as an open-source software, the source code of the program is released to the user, doctors using the HKMA CMS 3.0 program, can have a choice of software vendors for technical support. It will definitely provide ample business opportunities for IT vendors and create a win-win situation to both the medical and IT industries.


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